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Jeffrey’s Bay is a quiet seaside town that lures thousands of surfers and their fans to its shores every year. It is also situated on the beautiful Garden Route, making it a convenient stopover and a base from which to explore the Eastern and Western capes. Ubuntu is an organisation that is involving this great number of visitors in participating in community projects during their stay. However, such kind initiatives are fuelled with fun and excitement, making it mutually beneficial for all.

Being involved in such an initiative while visiting South Africa benefits the local communities, but also exposes tourists to the real people, homes and activities of this glorious country. Ubuntu seeks to help the children in and around Jeffrey’s Bay to enjoy the pleasures that many of us take for granted. Such upliftment is essential in the Eastern Cape, as it remains the poorest part the country.

All of the activities in the programme are done on an entirely voluntary basis. This means that all and any money raised goes directly to the project to assist these children. The vast majority of the cash goes straight to the different centres to help them to improve their facilities and amenities, buy food and build to accommodate more children. A unique advantage is that volunteers can elect where and how they would like their contribution used.

When signing on as a volunteer, you commit to 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. This is a small proportion of your time, and the rest of the day is best spent soaking up the sunshine and surfing the immaculate waves. But, the appeal of these initiatives is that they are fun in themselves, not sapping the volunteers of energy or enjoyment. Some of the exciting activities that take place on weekends include visiting the lions and elephants at local reserves, learning to surf, bungy jumping, and sand boarding.

Ubuntu is currently involved with three daycare centres, catering for toddlers between 3 and 5 years of age. With each daycare accommodating an average of 30 children, this leaves teachers and volunteers with plenty to do. Your participation not only uplifts the spirit, but motivates teachers and pupils to continue in their efforts despite challenges. It also teaches the volunteers much about humility, generosity and the strength of the human spirit.

Ubuntu volunteers will be accommodated at Ubuntu Lodge. This is a vibrant lodging place for an eclectic group of travellers. Rooms can be shared or private, and the lodge is situated within close proximity to the town centre as well as the awesome beaches.

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