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Jeffreys Bay - Nature Reserves

Jeffrey’s Bay boasts prime positioning along the lush Garden Route as well as the teeming Eastern Cape coastline. As such, both fauna and flora are plentiful, delighting the senses and providing a plethora of things to see and do during your stay in South Africa. This country is known for its wealth of natural beauty. The plant- and animal life continues to entice travellers from around the world to experience the serenity that comes from watching a cub or the humility that follows an elephant sighting. For this reason, nature reserves in the Eastern Cape and the rest of the country are well populated and are considered to be most valuable assets.

/>The Noorsekloof Nature Reserve is part of a valley within J-Bay’s borders and extends for almost 30 hectares. This reserve is defined by its narrow perimeters (less than 500 metres wide at its broadest area) as well as its focus on the preservation of Valley Bushveld. This type of vegetation includes trees such as the Euphorbia and the Milkwood. Other flora includes dense bushes, thorny shrubs and succulents. Avid birdwatchers are well rewarded at Noorsekloof as many avian species take advantage of the proliferation of plant life, soaring overhead or perched in the boughs. A walking trail creates an aura of complete isolation within the reserve, with the hustle and bustle of city living left far behind. It is a fairly easy trail and follows the river through the valley. No camping or fires are permitted within this reserve.

The Kabeljous Nature Reserve combines Valley Bushveld with sand dunes and the vegetation that flourishes on these, as well as wetlands and forested areas. This is a truly eclectic combination of plants and animals. Small buck (such as the blue duiker and grysbok) share this lush home with bush pigs, rooikatte, porcupines and charming mongooses as well as many bird species. Seeing these animals and plants up-close-and-personal is an unbeatable experience. The hiking trails enable this close-up encounter and range in length to cater for different fitness levels and visitor requirements. Explore the Kabeljous River and Estuary, or simply find a comfy spot for a picnic under the warm African sun. This is the ideal remedy for those needing a break from city life, and for young and old visiting Jeffrey’s Bay to spend a glorious summer’s day.

The Oyster Bay Lodge offers several fun and exciting hiking trails through the bush and beaches of the gorgeous Eastern Cape. These are all within a private reserve, guaranteeing pristine conditions in a safe environment. The reserve has designed 4 different trails, each with their own appeal and level of difficulty. The shortest trail is an easy 3 kilometres, while the longest is 15 kilometres. In addition, the reserve has assigned lookout points that offer spectacular views of the vistas that characterise the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. The lodge on this reserve has an impressive 4-star rating.  

Seekoei Nature Reserve is only 5 kilometres outside of Jeffrey’s Bay, and is focussed on the point where the Seekoei (the Afrikaans name for a hippopotamus) River and the Swart River become an estuary. This abundance of water creates a particularly lush environment of thicket and semi-succulent vegetation. The many trees and the appearance of fynbos make for a truly African experience and attract an abundance of bird species, including flamingos. Hikes are fairly short and do not require a particularly high fitness level, ideal for the entire family.

Jeffrey’s Bay’s ideal positioning and its rich natural attractions set this destination apart. Locals and visitors are invited to experience some of South Africa’s most gorgeous sights within the comfort of this lazy coastal village.