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Jeffreys Bay - Learn to Surf

Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the world’s top surfing destinations, the Mecca of every casual and professional surfer and the home of many competition. The waves are consistently good and the water relatively safe and warm.

It is for these reasons that the Jeffrey’s Bay Surf School (JBSS) has created a programme of instruction for aspiring surfers to learn to conquer the waves in style. This school is recognised as being one of South Africa’s best and its instructor lives up to these expectations. He is a qualified lifeguard and the coach of the regional surf team. Jeffreys Bay - Learn to SurfIn addition to once-off lessons, which are usually conducted twice a day, conditions permitting, the JBSS offers visitors a 7-day Surf Academy or surf camps. Surf camps offer accommodation and include a 2-hour surf lesson on all seven days. The lesson is structured as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Stretching exercises
3. Basic surf theory (including safety instruction)
4. Entering and exiting the water
5. Judging waves and catching waves lying down on board
6. Learning how to stand on a surfboard

These lessons are designed to get a beginner surfer to the stage where he or she is able to ride open-faced green waves in one week. Basic information and water safety are discussed before venturing into the water for the safety of the students.

Beginners spend the first 3 days at the beach break, getting the feel of the water and the board before moving further out into the surf break area. Finally, they should be able to paddle to the intermediate break and ride open-faced waves. Intermediate surfers are offered a more challenging course and their end result will be decided upon prior to the course beginning. Their needs are assessed by the instructor’s paddling out with them and deciding on their abilities and potential. The JBSS provides boards and wetsuits when necessary.

When they are not involved in a lesson, participants are encouraged to use their spare time in the afternoon to practice what they have learnt and improve their skills steadily.

Students are taken to meet local Jeffrey’s Bay board shapers who will reveal some important secrets to designing and making a good quality surfboard. Different styles and shapes are discussed to shed light on a student’s particular requirements.

Another ‘outing’ is to the J-Bay Surf Museum, which uncovers the history of surfing in this small coastal village and how it managed to earn J-Bay a mark on the international water sports map.

At the end of the camp, students are taken to St Francis Bay’s Seal Point or another significant surf spot within Jeffrey’s Bay for a final test of what was learnt in the preceding days.

The accommodation is provided by a local ‘backpackers’, offering an authentic South African surfing experience. Depending on personal preferences and budget allowance, participants can choose between a dormitory and a private room with an en-suite bathroom. Breakfast and dinner are included in the academy’s fee, and students have full access to the bar, pool table and satellite TV.

effrey’s Bay Surf School is situated at 17 Da Gama Rd, Central, Jeffreys Bay, 6330. Alternatively, they can be contacted via:

Email :