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The Garden Route is known the world over as one of the most spectacular roadways. Its official borders are between the Western Cape town of Mossel Bay and Storms River, which is located in the Eastern Cape (about an hour’s drive from Jeffrey’s Bay). However, over the years and due to its increased use and popularity, these borders are now considered to be formed by Cape Town in the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay, in the Eastern Cape.

The N2 is the major motorway that defines the path of the Garden Route. It winds its way from town to city to quaint fishing village with efficient infrastructure and signage. It passes between the Outeniqua Mountain Range and the mountains of the Tsitsikamma, creating stunning views along the way. Most of the towns along the Garden Route, including Jeffrey’s Bay, are coastal. This means that the ocean is visible for much of the route, and dolphins can frequently be seen leaping above the water’s surface in large schools. During the period between June / July and December, whales can also be seen in many areas of the Garden Route, promising spectacular sights en route to your destination. Because the Garden Route covers such an extensive area, yet takes only about 8 hours to complete by motor vehicle, travellers are privy to a wide range of vegetation within a relatively short period of time. This varies from low-lying bushveld to coastal flora to fynbos to densely forested areas.

The towns along this route include, but are not limited to:

Mossel Bay
Great Brak
Herolds bay
Port Elizabeth
Jeffrey’s Bay
Victoria Bay
Plettenberg Bay
Storms River / Tsitsikamma
Cape Town

Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Jeffrey’s Bay, St Francis and Port Elizabeth are fantastic beach destinations, particularly for surfing and swimming. Wilderness, Sedgefield and the Tsitsikamma area are beautifully lush, ideal for nature-lovers and those seeking an authentic African experience while enjoying some good quality TLC. Oudtshoorn is famous for its ostrich industry and the Cango Caves; a cluster of enormous caves that boast incredible stalactites and stalagmites. Tours are conducted regularly and allow visitors to crawl through narrow openings, climb cave walls and use their imagination when peering at the complex shapes formed by the natural internal infrastructure.

Most places along the Garden Route enjoy pleasant weather all year round. Winter rainfall keeps the plants and trees green, while the hot, sunny summers encourage locals and visitors to hit the various beaches on the way.

Along the Garden Route are scattered approximately 10 different nature- and marine reserves. These are home to many of the most exciting and interesting animal species in South Africa. Witnessing the diversity of this country’s fauna and flora along the Garden Route is a truly memorable experience.  

Jeffrey’s Bay benefits greatly by its locale along the Garden Route. Not only do people visit this surfing Mecca as a destination in its own right, they also visit it en route to other nearby attractions. This works for the mutual benefit of many South African destinations, creating an integrative and cohesive destination for visitors from all over the world.